Census 2022 Preliminary Results

7.8% of homes were vacant according to the Central Statistics office,  Census 2022 Preliminary Results, 166,752 vacant homes

According to Census 2016, there were 183,000 vacant dwellings in the country on the night of the Census, not including holiday homes. Of this figure, 140,000 were houses and 43,000 were apartments. The census captures vacant homes once every five years on a single night.

Preliminary figures released from Census 2022 which took place on the night of 3 April show there were 166,752 vacant homes, a drop of 9 per cent on the 2016 Census figures. Source: Census 2022 The reality is that Ireland has a shortage of housing, both for owner-occupier and rental purposes and there are a substantial number of vacant houses, derelict sites, and closed shops and other business premises around the country.

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